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Personalised and Embroidered Name Tags For Horse Equipment like bridals etc
Made in different colours and can be personalized with horses name too!
( limit approx 7-8 letters)
Stallion Bridle Discs on show and being worn here at the New Forest Showground

It's traditional at shows for horses that kick to wear a red ribbon tied around
it's tail to warn others. That's why this item is only offered in Red

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These are put onto horses tails to warn others that this horse kicks if another horse comes too close .. Made in black with red embroidery or red with black embroidery. Suitable for your own traditional red ribbon to be threaded through and tied around tail. Ribbon not supplied!
Can be personalized with horses name too!
( limit approx 7-8 letters)



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SMALL Stallion Discs

Now available SMALL Stallion discs for showing suitable for Shetlands and Welsh Section A

Regular size disc 9cm 

Small size disc 8cm



Tack Tags/ Rug tags ... Set of 3 (same name) £12 plus £2.50 post
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One rug for one horse is never enough! And if you have several horses then rug time can be a nightmare! With 'Tack tags' attached to your rugs, identification is easy!
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