Rider I.D. clips .. 
A must for anyone now riding on todays roads .. 
Can be Attached to saddle .. 
Good size lettering which can be read from a short distance
These Can be made in your choice of strap colour and with your choice of embroidery colour. 

Attach to rider or saddle or both! with your own phone number attached to saddle incase you and your horse are separated .. 

Have Your emergency contact number attached to you so your loved ones can be notified if you are hurt or injured .. 

Straps are supplied with Good quality metal attachment clips which are also swivel clips so they can be quickly turn inward whilst riding if you pass someone or a crowd and are concerned they could see the number when they don't need it!! 

Flip the Rider ID around no concerns of people jotting down your number as you ride past them ..

With some crazy drivers on the roads these days, some of them having no respect for horse or rider.
Now you and your horse have some quick and easy ID