Tack Tags/ Rug tags ... Set of 3 (same name) £14 plus £2.50 post
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One rug for one horse is never enough! And if you have several horses then rug time can be a nightmare! With 'Tack tags' attached to your rugs, identification is easy!
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Personalized 'Hay Bag clips'

Please use the contact form on our contact page for enquirys and place an order for Tags

Do you used hay bags when traveling? Complete your personalized look with these Hay Bag clips .. Clip one end, loop through bag and re-clip! Heaven duty clip and top quality embroidery.

Can be used for lots of other uses: quick and easy pop through stirrup leathers, bridles, head collars etc.

Your choice of color! £12 plus £2.50 postage



Field ID Tags.

Can be fitted to head collar by looping into ring (or around webbing if you prefer) velcro fastening. 

No clips or fastenings to get caught or tangled. 

Easily removed and reattached. 

Can also be used when riding attached to bridle or riders clothing. 

Fully washable! 

Available in your choice of webbing and embroidery colors! 

£8 each,  
Two for £15, 

£2 P&P for any number of tags.






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